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BUY SGT-78 online
BUY SGT-78 online
BUY SGT-78 online
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BUY SGT-78 online
BUY SGT-78 online
BUY SGT-78 online
BUY SGT-78 online
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SGT-78 Cannabinoid

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SGT-78 cannabinoid (or 4-CN-CUMYL-BUTINACA) is based on anindazole core structure where the 1- and 3- positions of the indazole ring system are substituted. The 1- position of 4-CN-CUMYL-BUTINACA is substituted with a linear four carbon chain terminated with a cyano (CN) group. The 3- position is substituted with an amide linker, andthe nitrogen atom (N) of this linker is further substituted with a2-phenyl-propan-2-yl group.

Research shows that SGT-78 delivers intense physiological and psychoactive effects, and has a high affinity for binding with cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, but it favors CB1 receptors. If you compare SGT-78 with its closest relative, SGT-25 (5F-CUMYL-PINACA), researchers have reported that SGT-78 is more potent, forming a much tighter bind with the cannabinoid receptors

Formal Name :1-(4-cyanobutyl)-N-(2-phenylpropan-2-yl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide

Chemical Formula: C22H24N4O

Exact Mass: 360.20

Molecular Weight: 360.46

SGT-78 is also found listed on-line under the following names:


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