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Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder

Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
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Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
Ethyl-Hexedrone Powder
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The research chemical Ethyl-Hexedrone is a stimulant that belongs to the cathinone group. The stimulation is a result of Ethyl-Hexedrone’s affinity as NDRI. However, there are studies proving it. This research chemical is close to hexedrone, with the addition of ethyl group on its terminal amine. The additional makes this chemical three times as potent as hexedrone.  The chemical was first synthesized in 2011, but it was never introduced in the market before 2015.

The abbreviation of Ethyl-Hexedrone is HEX-EN. The systematic name of this chemical is 2-(ehtylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one. Low doses of the chemical are advised at the start and according to the individual tolerance, metabolism and personal sensitivity of consumer.  The duration of its stimulation is observed to last 1-4 hours with an onset of 15-30 minutes.

·         A Substituted Cathinone

Before you buy Ethyl-Hexedroneyou should know it’s a substituted cathinone and features a phenethylamine core with Alkyl Group attached to its alpha carbon. There is also an oxygen group attached to its beta carbon. The Cathinones are better known as beta-ketone amphetamine analogues.

The Ethyl-Hexedrone gives its better counterpart, pentedrone a tough competition. The Hexedrone itself is an extended chain of pentedrone. The extension makes the carbon less potent which is recovered with the addition of ethyl group. This concludes that Ethyl-Pentedrone would be more potent.

·         Pharmacology

You should know that everything mentation here is based on the similarity of structure and affects Ethyl-Hexedrone shares with other cathinones. The Ethyl-Hexedrone works as both dopamine and prepinephrine which releases an agent or reuptake inhibitor.  This lets the dopamine and norepinephrine to accumulate within the brain. This results in euphoric and stimulating effects.  


The following effects are based on subjective effects index, and data collected from different tests. Some of these effects can rarely occur, or may never at all. However, it depends on the dose and dependency on a stimulant.


·         Grinding of Teeth

·         Improved Focus

·         High Blood Pressure

·         Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

·         Stimulation

·         Bumps up heart beat

·         Kills Your Appetite

·         Tactile Improvement

·         Vasoconstriction



·         Improves Motivation

·         Inflates Ego

·         Euphoria

·         Time Distortion

·         Improves Analysis

·         Compulsive Redosing

·         Improves the appreciation for Music

·         Disinhibition

After Effects

·         Anxiety

·         Wakefulness

·         Depression

·         Motivational Suppression

·         Irritability

·         Cognitive Fatigue


Its safety and long term effects are not properly studied. The toxic dosage of Ethyl-Hexedrone is also unknown. The only reason for this lack of information is Ethyl-Hexedrone hasn’t been used much. The Anecdotal evident from groups that tried this stimulant says there are negative effects from low to moderate dose. However, it is strictly advised that one should use Harm reduction practices when using Ethyl-Hexedrone.

Tolerance and Addiction

Just like other stimulants, the chronic use of Ethyl-Hexedrone is believed to be moderately addictive which is likely to cause some psychological dependence among users. When the addiction is developed, withdrawal and cravings effects can be observed when the user stops taking this stimulation.

The tolerance effects take some time to develop. It will result in the user needing a high dose to attain similar effects. Unfortunately, it takes 3-7 days to reduce the tolerance to half, with another two weeks to return to baseline. The problem is, Ethyl-Hexedrone shows cross tolerance with all dopaminergic stimulants which means that after consuming Ethyl-Hexedrone the stimulants will have a controlled effect.


Abuse with a high dose for a long time can lead to stimulant psychosis. Delusions, Hallucinations and Paranoia, are some early symptoms. According to a review, the treatment of abuse-induced psychosis fails for 5-15% of users.

Destructive Interactions

While many drugs are safe, they can be harmful and may claim your life If taken with any other compounds. Following are a few dangerous combinations of Ethyl-Hexedrone. Some of these combinations may be safe in low doses but are still a potential threat.

·         Cocaine

·         Alcohol

·         Tramadol

·         Stimulants

·         MXE

·         MDMA


While most designer drugs are not suggested for direct consumption, Ethyl-Hexedrone is safe in low dose. However, a regular or high dose of it can lead to a serious health condition. So, better stay safe from it. 

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